Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wide Variety of Seasonal Recipes on your Platter in Japan

Japanese food can be described in these simple words: clean, pure, fresh and delicious! If you are in this country, you can have insanely fresh sushi to flavoured and textured pancakes. The Japanese dishes are all about balance of flavours and rightly added ingredients.

Sea foods are the exclusives of Japan but these people also like to prepare dishes from seasonal vegetables. In the months of spring, you have several choices available in the seasonal food category. You can either prepare a culinary dish or go to upscale restaurants in search of your favourite seasonal recipe.

Bamboo shoot recipes

With the onset of spring, whole Japan has started talking about bamboo shoot vegetable and recipes prepared from it. Bamboo shoots are one of the most consumed vegetables during spring months. They are easily available in the supermarkets all over the big cities.

You can enjoy delicious grilled spring bamboo shoot at a Japanese Izakaya restaurant named Ate. This place is thronged by most visitors, who come to taste the delicacy of this recipe. To keep the original flavour of bamboo shoot, this recipe is seasoned with soy sauce.

On the other hand; bamboo shoots with skin also made exceptionally tasty recipes. Most people prefer to have bamboo shoot omelette, skewed bamboo shoot with chicken dumplings and bamboo shoot rice in spring season.

A right and palatable bamboo shoot recipe can only be prepared by adding proper ingredients in appropriate amount. You should know when to stop while adding ingredients. Taste of Japanese foods is enhanced by adding ingredients.

Field mustard and Udo are the next popular spring vegetables. You can go to nearby supermarkets and fetch these seasonal vegetables to prepare different variety of dishes.

Recipes from Field mustard and Udo

You can prepare exceptionally scrumptious and nutritious salad with Udo. It is easily supplemented with Miso. Then there is field mustard that is used in preparing mouth-watering Peperoncino pasta. This recipe is also known as chilli and garlic pasta.

You need to have certain ingredients like spaghetti, olive oil, shrimp, garlic, chilli, field mustard and seasoning to prepare wonderful pasta recipe. If you are planning to cook the pasta in own kitchen, you will have to follow a simple preparation method that does not take more than 30 minutes before the finished product is available on your platter. However, you can have delicious Peperoncino pasta at Goemon restaurant.

Renkon recipe

Renkon or lotus roots also make wonderful recipe. You have the option to make Renkon sandwich with chicken mince. Just a few ingredients in your hand and simple preparation method prepare a tasty Renkon recipe. This is a late-winter recipe and goes down well with Miso soup.

Rainy season recipes

Rainy season in Japan can have ill-effects on your health. To fight infections and allergies, you can prefer to have seasonal Japanese food, which are commonly prepared from Miso, soy sauce and Natto. The fermented salty rice, Shio-Koji, is a new food trend in Japan. It helps in better digestion and tastes milder.

In a nutshell, Japan is a gourmet’s delight. If you love to eat experimental dishes, Japan is the place where your love meets its fate.


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