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Summer Street Fashion Trends of Japan

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Japan is an extremely fashion conscious country; therefore, do not always connect the land of the rising sun with tradition, heritage, history and technology. The people of Japan like their fashion and have a unique sense of style. They do not ape the West but their clothes are mostly definitely influenced by Western culture. You will seldom find an ‘under-dressed’ person in Japan. People in Japan are always dressed for the occasion, whether they are teens or office goers, they always look suave and chic. Here are a few street fashion trends of Japan that were ruling the streets recently:

Streets Fashion Trends of Japan

The Crop Top

In Japan, people could wear tiny shorts and miniskirts but showing off the belly button or midriff was a strict ‘no’. However, this summer, with crop tops reining the streets, almost everyone was seen showing off their tummies.

The Dolman Sleeve Top

This was considered to be the modest version of a crop top. If you really want to wear a crop top but do not want to show off any skin, this is the top for you. The sleeves are wide and loose at the armpits but do not narrow down. In fact, some of the sleeves are also rolled up. These tops are cut in a short and wide shape, but they aren’t too short.

Platform Sandals

This is one of the bizarre street fashion trends of Japan. These sandals were really ‘big’ this summer and almost every other person were seen walking around in them. However, it is hard to say whether it was just a summer trend or are these slippers here to stay.

Statement Necklaces

Like the clutch bags, statement necklaces were extremely popular this spring and was also seen adorning many necklines in summer. This trend might be on the decline but it is not going anywhere any soon.

Winged or Cat Eye Make-Up

Different varieties and variations of the cat eye make-up were seen doing the round on the streets this summer. This sort of look is definitely not new but was seen sported by many people on the streets. It is also difficult to say whether this look will stick or not.

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon character t-shirts, pants and bags were seen a lot on the streets of Japan this summer just when we thought the trend was dying out. People saw a lot of Bart Simpson and his friends do the rounds on the streets. The batman logo was also seen a lot.

These street fashion trends were noticed a lot this summer in Japan. Many more trends like high waist skirts and pants, clutch bags, tie and dye and vertical stripes were seen ruling the streets in Japan this summer.


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