Friday, 17 May 2013

Study the Land of the Rising Sun before Visiting

If you are a globetrotter then the beautiful country of Japan must be on the top of the list, of the ‘places you must visit’. Japan is an amalgamation of modernity and antiquity. It is well known for its picturesque landscapes, tradition, culture, heritage and art forms. However, there is more to Japan than the eye can see. If you have plans of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun anytime soon, make sure you read up on it properly so that you don’t have trouble adapting to its ways.

The main aspects of Japan that you must read up on are
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Interiors
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Shopping and
  • Places to visit

Fashion and Accessories

Japanese fashion is not just about their traditional attire, the Kimono. People of Japan are extremely fashion conscious and trends keep changing every season. In autumn you might see the men wear jackets and trousers that are well tailored and blocked hats. The women may also wear the same. The shoes men wear are stylish and resemble slippers. Cardigans are also in fashion during autumn. Sportswear is also very much in fashion. Accessories like scarves, bags and hats are popularly sported. Fur coats, trench coats and knitwear are also very popular in Japan.


If you want to know how the Japanese decorate the interiors of their home then you can read up on blogs. Some beautiful furniture can be found in various parts of the country. A shop called Furniture Truck in Osaka. The furniture is vintage and tasteful. The Tim Tam Stool, the wire zigzag stool, and various other furniture pieces are available in various shops in Japan. The furniture can be both modern and classic

Japanese Food

If you are in Japan you must try out the various sorts of food found in the country and not just Sushi. Bamboo shoot, shiro dashi (white stock) and wasabi are used very commonly in all the dishes. Another very popular Japanese food trend is Vegetable Tea. The various kinds include Jerusalem artichoke, onion, Asparagus tea and Burdock tea. Lotus root and tofu are also used commonly. So, keep experimenting with food while in Japan.


Japan is also a shopper’s paradise. The latest shopping mall has seven floors and is called Kitte. It is in Tokyo, and there is nothing you can’t find in this mall. From clothes to souvenirs to food, everything is available here. Everything from clocks toys and gadgets are available in shops all over Japan.

 Places to Visit

Apart from the grand shopping malls, the places to visit in Japan are, Yushima Tenjin (for the cherry blossom festival), Kanda Myoujin (a red painted shrine en route Ochanomizu), Yushima Seidou (it was built by the 5th Samurai shogun), museum of Yebisu beer in Ebisu, the hot springs in Niigata, and many more.


Japanese culture is really exquisite and you must read a blog about different aspects of Japan to really learn about their culture before you visit the country. New Year celebrations are a huge part of Japanese culture and all things lucky are done on this day. Even the food they eat is supposed to bring them luck. New underwear (Fundoshi) is worn and new towels are used. The banking system in Japan is also quite strange, only a few shops accept debit cards. Cash and credit card is the most common mode of payment.

It is always nice to know about the country and its ways before visiting it so that you can adjust well. Read up on Japan and its people before you visit.


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