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Basic Elements of Japanese Lifestyle and Culture

Japanese Culture
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Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in world. Tourists from across the world visit Japan every year. It is said that if you want to see a place where ancient and modern culture exist together, Japan is the place to go.

There are certain things about Japan that you should know before visiting this country. This will help you explore all the aspects of Japan. You will also be able to mingle well with the local people and avoid the feeling of embarrassment at public places.

So, if you are planning to visit the country in coming days, knowing about Japanese lifestyle and culture will help you enjoy your holiday in better ways.

Japan is a Tight Culture

Japanese society is firmly bonded and interdependency is natural in the society. It means that group conformity is encouraged and praised while deviation from the main societal set up is often times discouraged.

Modernisation can be seen taking place almost on each and every walk of life in Japan. These days, individualism is being largely practiced by the Japanese youths but socialism is still favoured by a large chunk of masses. Harmony and accord in society is of greater importance in Japan.

Japanese Culture: Active or Passive?

It’s complex to define whether Japanese culture is active or passive. People in Japan value their proximity with nature and group. Achieving success in academic and professional circles holds significance in society. Japanese people have greater competitive instincts but they always compete with certain group in mind.

Nonverbal Communication

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As far as physical appearance is concerned, Japanese society is greatly influenced from fashion. Even the creative and attractive uniforms also make desirable and well accepted fashion statement in Japan.

  • Unlike western countries, Japanese believe in longer distance proxemics. However, body touch cannot be avoided at the public places in large cities.

  • Japanese people are very strict when it comes to starting their formal activities on time. They are known to be workaholics and do not end professional meetings until unanimous decisions are made.

  • Bowing is still an appropriate form of kinesics greeting in Japan. They avoid touches at the time of greeting each other. So, if you are in Japan, do not shake hands or hug until the Japanese person initiates it.

  • Make sure to avoid eye contacts, as it considered rude, disturbing or even threatening in the country.

  • So, if you are visiting Japan, make sure to follow aforementioned tips. By doing so, you will be considered humble and well mannered person by the Japanese people.

    Wednesday, 21 August 2013

    What You Need to Know about Japan Before Going on a Tour

    Japanese traditions signify the age old customs and practices that Japanese people have been following religiously till today. These traditions have been passed on to different generations from their forefathers.

    Like other societies in the world, Japanese people also follow a precise code of conduct. The social behaviour of people is defined by the etiquettes and mannerisms they adhere to.

    The term "Japanese Traditions" signifies the customs or practices that have been passed on from one generation to another in Japan. Japanese people are deeply rooted to their culture and follow specific traditions without fail.

    With modernisation taking place on each and every walk of life, some traditional Japanese lifestyle have been modernised in new and modern ways. So, if you are on a trip to Japan, you are expected to follow the laid out social norms and Japanese traditions. By doing so, you can escape embarrassment and will be able to enjoy your stay at the fullest.

    Here are a few conventional Japanese Traditions and Customs:

    • Giving gifts on special occasions is an age old custom in Japan. If someone from family goes out of town, they are supposed to bring back some souvenir from the place. For keeping intact the feel and authenticity of gifts and souvenir, people buy exclusive item from the place and keep it affordable.
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    • Business relationship develops in Japan with the exchange of business cards. So, if you are on a business trip to Japan, make sure to go with plenty of business cards. Furthermore, go through the business cards with interest and make generous comments whenever you receive a business card, otherwise it is considered rude.
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    • Greeting each other by bowing is the most common part of Japanese culture and tradition. They show gratitude and respect to each other by bowing at times of meeting and parting ways.
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    • One of most prevalent practices in Japan is to remove shoes outside before entering the house. People are expected to remove footwear at the entrance of houses, schools and many other buildings.
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    Similarly, there are many other customs that you are expected to follow during your stay in Japan. Go through each and every traditional customs before landing on the land of rising sun.

    Wednesday, 14 August 2013

    Summer Street Fashion Trends of Japan

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    Japan is an extremely fashion conscious country; therefore, do not always connect the land of the rising sun with tradition, heritage, history and technology. The people of Japan like their fashion and have a unique sense of style. They do not ape the West but their clothes are mostly definitely influenced by Western culture. You will seldom find an ‘under-dressed’ person in Japan. People in Japan are always dressed for the occasion, whether they are teens or office goers, they always look suave and chic. Here are a few street fashion trends of Japan that were ruling the streets recently:

    Streets Fashion Trends of Japan

    The Crop Top

    In Japan, people could wear tiny shorts and miniskirts but showing off the belly button or midriff was a strict ‘no’. However, this summer, with crop tops reining the streets, almost everyone was seen showing off their tummies.

    The Dolman Sleeve Top

    This was considered to be the modest version of a crop top. If you really want to wear a crop top but do not want to show off any skin, this is the top for you. The sleeves are wide and loose at the armpits but do not narrow down. In fact, some of the sleeves are also rolled up. These tops are cut in a short and wide shape, but they aren’t too short.

    Platform Sandals

    This is one of the bizarre street fashion trends of Japan. These sandals were really ‘big’ this summer and almost every other person were seen walking around in them. However, it is hard to say whether it was just a summer trend or are these slippers here to stay.

    Statement Necklaces

    Like the clutch bags, statement necklaces were extremely popular this spring and was also seen adorning many necklines in summer. This trend might be on the decline but it is not going anywhere any soon.

    Winged or Cat Eye Make-Up

    Different varieties and variations of the cat eye make-up were seen doing the round on the streets this summer. This sort of look is definitely not new but was seen sported by many people on the streets. It is also difficult to say whether this look will stick or not.

    Cartoon Characters

    Cartoon character t-shirts, pants and bags were seen a lot on the streets of Japan this summer just when we thought the trend was dying out. People saw a lot of Bart Simpson and his friends do the rounds on the streets. The batman logo was also seen a lot.

    These street fashion trends were noticed a lot this summer in Japan. Many more trends like high waist skirts and pants, clutch bags, tie and dye and vertical stripes were seen ruling the streets in Japan this summer.

    Tuesday, 6 August 2013

    How to Make your Stay in Japan Interesting and Fun-filled?

    Are you planning to go on a sojourn to Japan? If yes, collecting enough information about the land of rising sun would only help you plan out a productive and entertaining vacation in the country. Most people before landing in the country have a preconceived notion that Japan is all about technology and modern cityscapes. But, Japan is much more than that.

    Traditions and culture of Japan have always been attracting visitors from around the world. In fact, you can see that in spite of the modern way of living, most Japanese people are still deeply attached to their old customs and traditions.

    There are plenty of castles, shrines and temples recalling the spiritual and religious aspects of Japanese lifestyle. Besides, there are many landscapes and sea beaches where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

    You must be known to the places to visit or Japanese culture and traditions, here are some other interesting aspects of Japan and lifestyle of Japanese people, take a look.

    Overview on Japanese Lifestyle

    Shape up your Body Japanese way:

    If you are looking to get into the shape like Japanese women, try out the products they use. You can buy a body suit to shape up the side of body where extra fat is accumulated. The Wacoal’s MODELCA lets you feel light and comfortable. If you wear shoes that squeeze your toes quite often, try out thick padded toe dividers. It stretches out between each toe and makes you feel comfortable. You can also go for CUVILADY Air for exercising wherever and whenever you want. This product will help you in getting toned inner and oblique muscles. 


    MOTTAINAI – Green project in Japan:

    When you are in Japan, the MOTTAINAI festa will help you understand the Japanese culture more. This is basically a movement with the name MOTTAINAI and MOTTAINAI festa is one of their projects. This movement is about protecting environment and resources that people use. Many family friendly workshops are organised during the event. 

    MOTTAINAI Market

    Onsen Ryokans:

    If you are missing the weekend spa breaks of London, go to a ryokan that facilitates hot spring baths. You can find several ryokans available with onsen bath facilities in and around Tokyo city. Most ryokans provide you visual delight of beautiful landscapes. You can also get different aroma therapies at the ryokans. 

    Onsen Bathroom

    KOUSO Diet:

    Do you know the secrets of healthy living among Japanese people? It’s the intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables that keeps them fit and fine for a long time. Japanese people include KOUSO diet in their daily habit and follow their dietary chart strictly. KOUSO diet is all about mixture of fresh vegetables and fruits on the daily basis. 

    KOUSO Diet Ingredients

    There are many more interesting aspects of Japan. To read more about exclusive Japanese lifestyle, you can go through blogs from Japan.