Friday, 31 May 2013

Shop Around Japan in Search of Exquisitely Designed Furniture

With Japan becoming a major economic power, lots of job prospects have opened up in the country. Japan houses some of the biggest corporate companies and provides employment opportunities to people from around the world. Besides, the academic culture too has evolved in Japan. Some of the most prominent educational institutes are based in this country. A large number of foreign students come here in search of better academic facilities.

If you have arrived lately in Japan and found out a place to live in, refurnishing the flat would be high on your mind. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to prepare a list of the furniture that you would like to have in your new house. Once you are done with the list, do some research in the market to know where you can find the best sets at affordable price.

Truck Furniture

The first shop to catch your attention is Truck Furniture in Osaka. If you have moved in a house nearby Osaka, this is the best place to find a wide range of vintage, minimalistic and industrial design of furniture. The inspiring theme inside the showroom will amaze you to the hilt and you will like to give a similar pattern to your flat. Although each and every product in the showroom is equally inspiring but the centre piece object is the highlight of Truck Furniture. You can buy a set of furniture to place in your dining or living room.

Pour Annick

Then there is Pour Annick in Meguro that sells contemporary interior products from Europe and other places. The sculptured-design stools are a great eye catching product in this showroom. After getting a look on their sofas, you will be instigated to add colours to your rooms. The Pour Annick provides you a great experience of furniture shopping in Japan.

The Gallup

If you are in and around Tokyo, The Gallup will make you available with some of the best sets of wooden furniture. The nearest showroom is in Monzennakacho and apart from wooden furniture, it sells paints and tiles from around the world. The DIY-enthusiasts have plenty of choices to make from this showroom. 

The Stanley

Sofas are integral part of interior decoration. If you are particular about the design of sofa, Stanley’s is the place to go. Established in the year 1994, this company knows the tastes of likes of yours. They are also a famous for upholstering sofas and chairs with different textiles.

The Rigna

On the other hand, Rigna offers some of the exquisite design of nest lampshade that you will like to have in your house. The bedroom collection at Rigna is another centre of attraction. Similar to Warren Evans pattern, you can find well-made wooden bed in their showroom. 

There are many more places in Japan available with a wide array of furniture sets.


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