Thursday, 21 March 2013

Western Influence Distinctly Revealed in the “Gothloli” Style

Japan reflects an interesting blend of western and eastern style cultures. The colourful mix has brought forward innovative style trends adopted by the average Japanese. It all started when the island country proceeded with its trading ideas with the western world; since then the nation has been continuing to exchange innovative concepts pertaining to every aspect of life, be it technology or fashion.

Such interactive relations with western countries have led to major changes in the Japanese tradition; giving rise to a modernised culture which is well accepted throughout the country. Since Japanese natives are quite expert in preserving their rich cultural heritage, it can be said that the lifestyle observed by a local, strongly focuses on conserving the roots while accepting newness of the westernised art-forms and ways of living.

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Today, the prominence of western style sense has become distinct in Japanese fashion. For example, take a look at the much coveted Gothic Lolita trend; it clearly gives you an insight into the rich fashion statements sported during the Victorian era. Today, a majority of beautiful young Japanese ladies are donning the Gothic appeal; also referred to as the “Gothloli” by the fashion-conscious in Japan.

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Though one may discover a typical “Black and white” combination in the Gothic trend; the flagship color of this Victorian fashion statement tends to remain black. Gothic Lolita attires generally reveal a huge volume of lace trims and ribbons for decorations. The skirts are tailored to knee length and usually comprise a petticoat to contribute some level of volume to the dress.

The ideal Japanese lady tends to sport the Gothloli style in a typical European way, where she will choose to wear stockings to cover her bare legs and to add to her appeal. Amongst the different kinds of stockings available in the market, those that are paired with the Victorian trend, majorly reveal a fishnet style.

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Women match up these classy attires with stilettos or boots. The frilly Gothic dresses reveal modest designs with laced sleeves and knee-length skirts. However, trendy young girls often don this Gothloli style in short skirts, which is quite rare. Lace headpieces, lace gloves and small hats packed with ribbons, bows and laces are common accessories to pair with the Gothic Lolita style. Similar western influence is found in other fashion trends. Today, the Japanese lifestyle and culture unveil the acceptance of exclusivity of the cultural traits observed in countries positioned in the west.


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