Thursday, 9 May 2013

Let Japanese Culture Sweep you off your Feet

If you are a globetrotter and love visiting new places, then Japan should be on top of your list. The lovely country of Japan is rich in culture and heritage. Sometimes, The Land of the Rising Sun is also referred to as the epitome of traditional beauty. The country is a lovely blend of antiquity and modernity. On your trip to Japan, you will be able to experience the best of both worlds. In recent times, Japan has been influenced by the West but the people of Japan have not let go of their roots. Japanese culture is upheld beautifully and the country does not ape the West.

Japan is different in different seasons but the essence of the country is unchanging. If you happen to be in Japan during the New Year celebrations you can see how wonderfully the occasion is celebrated. This event is considered auspicious to the people of Japan and they make it a point not to do anything that will bring bad luck. They mostly celebrate this day doing things that will bring them luck. Even the food they prepare and eat is considered to harbour luck.

If you are in Japan during this time you will see that the people in Japan eat food like red snappers, prawns, black soya bean, etc. According to the Japanese these food items are supposed to be lucky. Another interesting point that can be noted about this day is that, the people of Japan believe that wearing new underwear and using a new towel will bring them luck in the New Year and they consider it as a bearer of good luck. You can check out a blog about Japanese culture to find out more about Japan during the New Year.

While in Japan you will hear of and see new and fun things that are native to the country. However, if you are a tourist, you might want to keep a few important points in mind. You must know that the banking system in Japan is different from the one in the UK. If you want to buy something from a shop in Japan using your UK debit card, make sure they accept it because most shops in Japan don’t accept UK debit cards. The best way to pay in Japan is by cash or by using credit cards. If you are not fond of rain, make sure you don’t visit Japan during the rainy season as it pours incessantly and you are likely to fall ill.


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