Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Japan Looking Forward to Colorful Trends this Spring

Since decades, Japan has been following style trends revealing the merge of eastern and western fashion. Every year, the country comes up with new trends attracting the style sense of the fashion conscious; whether it’s the warm and bright spring/summer collection or the edgy autumn range, the Asian country never falls short of stylising ideas.

Over the passage of time Japan has taken keen interest in joining the bandwagon of fashion-conscious countries sitting pretty in different continents. Now that spring has arrived, it has brought with it a wave of colourful clothing collections. This year’s spring fashion completely emphasises on men’s clothing, dominated by a diverse range of leather products. For the spring summer collection, the Japanese fashion experts are recommending leather apparels.

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Yes, the fashionable leather apparels are currently reigning over the wardrobes of men who are consciously pairing them up with trendy outfits to look cool. A must-have for this year’s spring wardrobe collection, these extremely stylish leather products can be fitted to any style. A majority of the style-conscious folks across Japan are adorning leather goodies in shades of brown and black. Despite several men opting for traditional leather shades there are also the ones donning cooler hues of blue and yellow.


The diverse collection of leather apparels, give the commoner a taste of the new. On studying recent fashion trends in Japan, the fashionista has found out that the most chosen are those revealing a premium suede look; and of course this year we are also witnessing Japanese men donning classic biker’s jackets. While these leather jackets may be the talk of the Japanese fashion week this summer; they tend to come for a price heftier than you can imagine. Exactly!! They are a pinch for the commoner’s wallet.

A splash of colour for the lady’s wardrobe

Apart from men’s fashion, those that are reigning over the wardrobe of the Japanese lady are apparels featuring complete vintage looks. Japanese women’s fashion is currently experiencing the richness of the vintage blend. This spring the wardrobe of the far-east Asian lady is dominated by clothes in pastel shades like pink, beige, brown, light blue and some more of light shades inspired by nature.

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Currently the baggy style has set into the country and one can imagine how sweet ladies here are continuing to sport innocence and cuteness by wearing round collar attires. The Spring-Summer fashion trends in Japan in 2013 reveal an array of fresh flowery patterns, adding colour and purity to the style statement donned by the fashion-conscious Japanese lady. However, one may even witness women wearing silhouettes in simple spotted designs.


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