Friday, 28 June 2013

An Overview of Japanese Lifestyle

If you like to travel and explore the world then Japan is a country you must not miss! Japan is an epitome of culture, tradition, history and heritage. The people of Japan are a blend of western and traditional culture. But before you book the tickets you must find which season is best to see ‘the land of Rising Sun’ (as it is popularly known) in its full glory. Summer, rainy, autumn, winter, and spring – Japan has a different look in every season. But spring is the best time of the year when Japan is in full bloom, colorful and vibrant. Cherry blossom and Plum festivals is the main centre of attraction.

While plum festival comes and departs early, Cherry blossom is celebrated from mid march to April end. Yushima Tenjin shrine is the place to visit in the early spring. In the shrine’s garden, there are different-colored plum trees and blossoms with exceptionally beautiful and striking plum flowers. Fresh after winter Japan looks very beautiful during spring and market is flooded with seasonal and exclusive fruits and vegetables of spring season. You will see many people having the dishes prepared from bamboo shoots, field mustard, Udo and other spring vegetables. Japanese foods are known worldwide for their scrumptious taste. Bamboo shoot is prepared and served in various ways all over Japan. They are extremely health conscious so you will find both vegetable and fruit juice bars everywhere on the street.

In the rainy season, existence of vibrant colors remains very much in place. The incessant rain throughout the season compels people to take extra precautions in living style. Humidity and moisture in the environment cause stinking and foul smells from body, so they put on refreshing and cool perfumes on their bodies. Japanese people follow strict diet and disciplined lifestyle to keep fit and fine throughout the season. Having fermented food is preferred over heavy diets. However, Japan looks quite mesmerizing and attractive during autumn season. With all the new fashion trends, Japanese people prefer stylish and appealing clothes. You can find several eye catchy collections available at the high end shops. Accessories are also a part of Japanese winter fashion trend.

So, you can see different Japanese lifestyle in different season and each being equally appealing and striking. With western influences, they are traditional in many ways such as people still do not wear shoes inside the house. Every house and even offices have a small vestibule where you can keep your shoes before going in. Japanese dine out a lot so there are good restaurants all over the town serving native food and world cuisines. Japanese people shop a lot so don’t surprise if you see so many shopping malls. Japan is all about good living and an equally great lifestyle to make your living worthwhile.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Japan Bursting into Cultural Vividness

Japanese lifestyle embraces the various philosophies and principles followed by people residing here. The average Japanese citizen will showcase a practical bent of mind and a steadfast nature which has already helped them from political and natural calamities. Japanese traditions surface in the Samurai, Geisha, Japanese gardens, Japanese tea festival and kimonos. Plus one should hardly overlook the fashion culture and style statements donned by people from across the country. Some people say that Japanese traditions and culture have their roots settled in Chinese culture.

The younger generation finds the current fashion culture quite inspiring as it grips the western style statements while holding onto the traditional trends. Interestingly, the small island country holds much more to it, than what one can imagine.

Japanese Culture: the Japanese couture is an assorted blend of Asiatic subcultures. From the Geisha and Samurai traditions to Japanese chopstick manners, isn’t the country gifted with a plush range of cultural traits? The geisha culture is much observed in the Japanese society; they are female entertainers adept in singing, dancing and playing instruments. Let us not also forget about the samurai culture which has been in existence since ancient times. Samurais belong to the warrior class who the only persons, permitted to carry two swords.

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Additionally, the Japanese are known to be quite possessive about their traditions. They seem to be quite serious about their chopstick norms. Understanding the little intricacies of Japanese dining customs is indeed crucial before you sit along with a couple of Japanese men and women. Moreover people here take to certain bath etiquettes as well. The Japanese natives usually wash their body before stepping into a bath-tub. Quite amazing as this may seem, one cannot offer tips to a waiter tending the individual.

Japanese Lifestyle: A nutritious diet is the secret to a healthy lifestyle and the Japanese seem to have an idea about this truth. These hardworking people believe that a healthy meal will render possible benefits one would need, to stay active to comply with demanding work schedules. The average Japanese boasts of peculiar tastes and preferences. Somewhere it has been said that people here are fond of stuffs that are tiny and cute. Bigness doesn’t seem to attract them much. Japanese are quite finicky about their toilet etiquettes. Such etiquettes are part of the Japanese lifestyle and are observed in order to keep a toilet clean; people here wear slippers that are quite different from the normal ones and are usually worn to prevent the dirtiest elements from spreading inside a residential premise. Japan’s lifestyle is 100% scientific and is based on the goodness of a great life. 

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Have you really heard about the Japanese onsen? These take root in the volcanic hot springs and offer a wealth of health benefits and relaxing moments to people living here. The onsen is the major reason for people considering weekend getaways to countryside. In fact travelers find it quite relaxing to indulge in an onsen bath which is naturally fed with all kinds of minerals. However, mineral content usually varies from one onsen to the other. This blissful indulgence also focuses on a “natural connect”.

Have you heard of the “Mama chari”? It is typically referred to bicycles added with baskets. In Japan most bicycles reveal the mama chari deign as these two-wheelers are quite helpful for women to carry their babies or grocery products. Among the various other lifestyle aspects, Japan reveals modernity in different segments of fashion culture. Modernity is something they are in love with; yet one can also say that people here are also fond of keeping the old.

Good news for travelers!! Unlike polices in other countries, those in Japan are quite friendly and approachable. So, you are least likely to face any problems while convesing with a policeman in Japan.

Japanese Festivals: The local festivals are countless, because people here celebrate almost every single shrine existing here. Japanese festivals feature processions, annual celebrations and historical events. During a festival, people visit deities present in shrines. Some of the major festivals have been discussed below: 

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  • Sapporo snow festival
  • Yokote Kamakura festival
  • Omizutori
  • Takayama Matsuri
  • Aoi Matsuri
  • Hakata Gion Yamakasa
  • Gion Matsuri
  • Nebuta Matsuri
  • Kanto Matsuri
Well!! The list is almost endless, but those of you really love to taste the unknown and the beautiful will love to travel across this land of rising sun because of its diverse culture, lifestyle and festive offerings.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shopping has a Fresh New Address at KITTE Mall

The Tokyo central office has witnessed a recent development with its makeover as the “Kitte” shopping mall. Situated at the heart of Tokyo, the commercial space has been redeveloped as a new concept not only welcoming Japanese natives, but also travelers from across the world; thus adding a new functionality to the formerly JP tower. This impressive facelift of the Japan Post Tower has added on a new meaning for people residing across the Japanese capital. Structured at 9440sqm, the commercial structure has witnessed its opening on 21st of March, this year. Homing, a striking array of food joints and shops, the Kitte mall take pride in accommodating around hundreds of them.

The refurbished mall mainly lies its focus on Japanese cuisines and aesthetics; two of the major aspects shoppers die for. Wedge-shaped and beautiful, the Kitte shopping mall boasts of a central atrium rising to the 6th floor where a beautiful outdoor garden exists. Being centrally located the shopping facility shows off superb connectivity and commutation advantages. The shopping complex links with the Tokyo station though a subterranean tunnel (information source:

 Recent years have witnessed a rapid development of the area as people are yet to see a couple of more developments down the line. The place has now become one of Tokyo’s major attractions rather than any transit spot. Shoppers who have already visited the mall have talked about its attractive and airy entrance area. There is yet another surprise awaiting the first-time visitor; and its none other than the outdoor garden launched on the 6th floor. While going through a shopping guide of Japan one may find more about Kitte offerings.

The 5th floor as well as the 6th floor is dedicated for food lovers. Ginpei, is a fish restaurant attracting attention of the gourmand. Some people who have tried the red snapper rice at the restaurant have opined on its marvelous taste. Now, if this seems a bit costlier, one can try the affordably priced lunch meals. Da Boccaiano is also worth mentioning; the Italian restaurant constantly tries to keep up to the expectations of gourmands. The much appetizing pizza sold here are a must-have if you visit the food corner. Cuisines sold at the restaurants are majorly inspired from the delicacies prepared in different parts of the world; though a lot of shops chiefly emphasise on Japanese cuisines.

This re-launched shopping complex also homes 71 shops amongst which some showcase and sell a wonderful range of clothing line. The Kitte mall has become a must-visit spot for travelers.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Read up on Japan’s Lifestyle before you Visit the Place

If you are planning to visit Japan the next time you go on vacation make sure you read up properly on the country and culture of the people before you start packing so that it becomes easier for you to fit in and adjust when you go to the foreign land. Read up properly on the climate of The Land of The Rising Sun, because the weather in Japan is quite erratic and you might be faced with extreme weather conditions. Try and avoid visiting Japan in peak monsoon or peak winter.

The Japanese are very particular about a few things as they are culturally rooted. If you are visiting the house of a Japanese family, make sure you take off your shoes before you enter. They might give you house slippers but when you enter the tatami room, you must take off these shoes as well.

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Most of the Japanese and Chinese restaurants serve food with chopsticks. If you do not know how to use chopsticks feel free to ask for silverware. At most restaurants, you have to pay the bill in total at the end of your meal, even at bars, you have to pay the bill at the end, after you have finished eating or drinking.

There are two styles of toilets in Japan. One is the traditional Japanese style toilet where you have to squat and the other is the Western style toilet. Please check before you use the washroom as you might not be comfortable in a traditional Japanese toilet.

While shopping you should not have any sort of trouble communicating as most shopping plazas have signs in English and many people can speak in English. However, while shopping, it is advisable to carry cash as many shops do not accept credit card and personal cheques. If you read properly about Japan before visiting you should not have any trouble.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Hanami Parties: A Wild and Fun-Filled Affair

The beautiful country of Japan boasts of unique and peculiar sightseeing experiences to the visitors. Though it’s good to visit the country during any time of the year but spring has its own forte. This is the season of flower blooming, as the whole country is immersed in the beauty of cherry blossom and plum flower. 

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Typically, the plum flowers bloom in the early spring and continue for a longer duration. Family and friends enjoy together at the hot spots and soak in the glory of plum flowers. They revel and party till late night and relish good foods and drinks on the location.

This season continues for a good part of spring months. Once the plum trees start shedding their flowers, cherry blossom festival sets in. This festival is one of the major attractions in Japan during the spring season. Tourists from around the world flock this country especially to view blossoming of cherry flowers.

There is a special term for flower viewing in Japan, Hanami. This term can also be referred to taking a walk under or partying under Sakura trees.

Hanami parties are quite popular in this country. Virtually, you can find whole country participating in such parties at different locations.

It’s a tradition in Japan to reserve the party spots by placing blue coloured plastic mats under the Sakura trees. You can see people rushing to reserve the spots as before as 12 hours from the party time. Most commonly, junior colleagues at the work places are entrusted with the task of reserving the party spots.
The blue mats are treated as if a house floor. People do not step on mat in shoes.

An old saying goes in Japan, dumplings over flowers. It suggests that foods and drinks and not the flowers are most interested things in Hanami parties.

However, you might see a quiet and introspective affair at a few party spots but most of the Hanami parties are wild and fun-filled.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Japanese Lifestyle Reveals a lot about Japanese People

If you are a globe trotter and love travelling to various countries all over the world, then Japan must be on top of the list of places you must visit. Everyone knows Japan as the epitome of culture, tradition, history and heritage, however, even though the people of Japan are well rooted, Western culture has influenced their lifestyle in ways more than one.

Even with many western influences, the people of Japan are still very traditional, but that does not mean that they roam the streets wearing kimonos or holding Samurai swords. Before visiting the land of the rising sun, it is very important, to read up on the lifestyle of the people of Japan so that you have no difficulty fitting in when you visit the country.

In Japan, people still do not wear shoes inside the house. Outside the homes, there is a small vestibule in where you can remove and keep your shoes. Sometimes, in few Japanese households, you are allowed to wear house slippers but even these slippers have to be take off before you enter the tatami (straw mats) room. Nowadays,’ modern’ offices allow you to wear shoes inside; however, few traditional businesses still follow the rule of ‘no shoes inside the house’.

In Japan, people dine out a lot and therefore, the restaurants do good business at all times. There are good restaurants all over town that serve food native to Japan as well as world cuisine. Restaurant that serve Japanese or Chinese food, serve chopsticks. However, if you are not comfortable with chopsticks, you can ask for silverware.

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You must get accustomed to the Japanese lifestyle so that you do not feel out of place in Japan. Shopping is a huge part of the Japanese lifestyle. The towns and cities are filled with shopping malls, departmental stores and arcades. These shops sell everything from designer labels to electrical appliances. Japanese people are extremely fashion conscious and almost all the fashion labels of the world are available in Japan.

The Japanese are also very enthusiastic about food. One Japanese delicacy is the bamboo shoot and is prepared and served in various ways all over Japan. People of Japan are also extremely health conscious, therefore you will find juice bars all over the cities and towns that sell both vegetable and fruit juices. Language should not be a problem as most people can communicate in English. However, it is highly advisable to read up as much as you can about Japan on blogs to learn more about the country, before you visit.

Monday, 3 June 2013

A Few Exceptional Ingredients of Japanese Lifestyle

Japan is a tourist’s delight. With so many inimitable facets to experience, any visitor would fall in love with the land of rising sun. A host of choices to visit, peerless lifestyle, outstanding fashion trends and delectable recipes are some of the things that tell the tale of culturally rooted country of Japan.

Fashion trends form an integral part of Japanese lifestyle. It has carved a niche amongst the young and adult Japanese population. They follow modern fashion trends fervently. The best thing about contemporary fashion in Japan is that it blends well with the traditional form of fashion.

 Another thing to notice about Japanese fashion is in its ever-changing approach. With the start of every new season, some innovative fashion trends evolve with exclusive themes in the country. If dark colours are for winter, summer is all about light and flowery pattern of clothes.

Following culture and traditions is amongst the specialities of Japanese lifestyle. In spite of modernisation on all the walks of life, people of Japan are still culturally rooted and follow their traditions eagerly.

Celebrating festivals is a part of Japanese culture and tradition. People from all the strata of society rejoice each and every festival with lots of enthusiasm. Some of the most celebrated festivals in Japanese culture are cherry blossom festival, plum festival, New Year and Christmas.

Travelling around the country during holidays and free time is another facet of Japanese lifestyle. Most people prefer to explore the scenic beauties with friends and family members. There are several eye catching places to visit in the country. Whether you are interested in seeing the shrines, temples or picturesque locations, Japan is blessed with lots of options.

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With modern skyscrapers everywhere to see in the bustling cities, old temples and other monuments have not lost their sheen. Buddhist temples are one major attraction for most of tourists. Lots of restaurants and marketplaces are available around each and every tourist hot spot.

If you talk of lifestyle in Japan, you cannot ignore Japanese food and dishes. It contributes a lot to the upsurge of tourism in the country. Many foreign visitors come to Japan exclusively to taste the yummy delights of this country.

Japanese food habits are known for its ever changing features. If spring is all about seasonal fruits and vegetables, people prefer to have sea foods during the winter. Most of the people follow strict diet in the summer months.

In a nutshell, Japan offers some of the best tourism experiences. If you are visiting the country anytime in the near future, make sure to know a lot about the Japanese lifestyle.