Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fashion Trends in Japan are Extremely Outlandish

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Japan is not just the tech giant of the world and neither is it synonymous only to culture, heritage, traditions and customs. Japan is also well known for its fashion trends. Fashion enthusiasts all around the world know for a fact that Japan’s fashion world is exquisite. It is true that the fashion of Japan is influenced by the West but there are many motifs, patterns and designs that are native to Japan that are inculcated in the fashion trends of the country.

Therefore, if you think that Japan is all about kimonos and geta sandals, you are terribly mistaken. Japanese fashion includes a wide variety of styles. The cities of Osaka and Tokyo are the most stylish cities in all of Japan and Harajuku, an entertainment and shopping district in Tokyo is known as teenager town. Teenagers, every Sunday, flaunt street fashion and loiter around.

There are many fashion trends that are famous in Japan. Some of these dynamic Japanese fashion trends are:


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There are many teenagers who are diehard fans of celebrities and anime figures that they dress up like them declaring their fondness towards them. Some dye their hair blue like their favourite rocker, Mana. Some teens even adopt the styles of their favourite anime characters. Some teens blend the styles of these celebrities and rockers and incorporate them in their own wardrobes. This is how the bizarre goggles and crazy hairdos come into being. Some popular accessories include huge boots, sleeves, and ‘over-the-top’ make-up.


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This style which is called kawaii in Japanese refers to those young women who dress up in lace and ribbons; they wear animal ears and sometimes even wear clothes that are meant for children. The accessories they wear have pictures of cartoon characters of their childhood like Hello Kitty, etc.

Japanese fashion trends include many such exquisite and unique fashion trends. These trends are very popular in Japan and if you take a good look around, you will see many sporting these looks.

Friday, 20 September 2013

A Few Facts about Healthy Living in Japan!

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Japan boasts of highest life expectancy in the world. It means that Japanese people live for a longer time. Life expectancy of men is 79 years whereas women on an average live for 86 years. What makes Japanese people live for so long?

At the end of World War II, the life expectancy in Japan went down to lowest in the world. It suggests that long life expectancy is not genetics in the country. Also, it’s not that Japanese people go to doctors for medical check-ups every month. The secret of healthy and long living is something else.

Japanese Diet

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Even those who are not diet experts can tell you that food habits of Japanese people are lot healthier than rest of the world, especially Westerners. Having sumptuous diet is the most highlighted aspect of healthy Japanese lifestyle. So, if you want to increase your life expectancy, feel healthy, avoid heart ailments, follow Japanese-style dietary chart. In nutshell, Japanese diet is just way healthier and sumptuous.

Japanese people prefer not to consume lots of red meat; they go for fish dishes instead. Milk, butter and dairy products are avoided by them, as most Japanese are lactose intolerant. They also include lots of soy, tea, seaweed, seasonal vegetables and many other healthy foods in their diet.


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Japanese people do not only eat well but they walk and stand lot more than others. Like Westerners, they do not drive everywhere and sit for long periods after driving. Most of them use public transport to commute from one place to other. Driving cars is kind of luxury in Japan.


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Japanese people are very much conscious about their hygiene and cleanliness. Japan is considered one of the cleanest countries in the world. Their houses are always neat and clean and most of them keep their hands washed all the time. Maintaining hygiene leads to healthy lifestyle and helps avoid diseases.

Family and Social Life

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The family and social values of Japanese people are something to stand them apart from Westerners. They take care of elderly people in their houses and maintain harmony in society. When it is about business in Japan, you will require socialising, drinking and having work post work hours. All these factors give them psychological boost and they are able to live for long periods.

So, if you want to live longer, you need to alter your lifestyle little bit. Follow Japanese lifestyle by eating right foods, walking more, maintaining hygiene and socialising and live for a long time.