Friday, 31 May 2013

Shop Around Japan in Search of Exquisitely Designed Furniture

With Japan becoming a major economic power, lots of job prospects have opened up in the country. Japan houses some of the biggest corporate companies and provides employment opportunities to people from around the world. Besides, the academic culture too has evolved in Japan. Some of the most prominent educational institutes are based in this country. A large number of foreign students come here in search of better academic facilities.

If you have arrived lately in Japan and found out a place to live in, refurnishing the flat would be high on your mind. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to prepare a list of the furniture that you would like to have in your new house. Once you are done with the list, do some research in the market to know where you can find the best sets at affordable price.

Truck Furniture

The first shop to catch your attention is Truck Furniture in Osaka. If you have moved in a house nearby Osaka, this is the best place to find a wide range of vintage, minimalistic and industrial design of furniture. The inspiring theme inside the showroom will amaze you to the hilt and you will like to give a similar pattern to your flat. Although each and every product in the showroom is equally inspiring but the centre piece object is the highlight of Truck Furniture. You can buy a set of furniture to place in your dining or living room.

Pour Annick

Then there is Pour Annick in Meguro that sells contemporary interior products from Europe and other places. The sculptured-design stools are a great eye catching product in this showroom. After getting a look on their sofas, you will be instigated to add colours to your rooms. The Pour Annick provides you a great experience of furniture shopping in Japan.

The Gallup

If you are in and around Tokyo, The Gallup will make you available with some of the best sets of wooden furniture. The nearest showroom is in Monzennakacho and apart from wooden furniture, it sells paints and tiles from around the world. The DIY-enthusiasts have plenty of choices to make from this showroom. 

The Stanley

Sofas are integral part of interior decoration. If you are particular about the design of sofa, Stanley’s is the place to go. Established in the year 1994, this company knows the tastes of likes of yours. They are also a famous for upholstering sofas and chairs with different textiles.

The Rigna

On the other hand, Rigna offers some of the exquisite design of nest lampshade that you will like to have in your house. The bedroom collection at Rigna is another centre of attraction. Similar to Warren Evans pattern, you can find well-made wooden bed in their showroom. 

There are many more places in Japan available with a wide array of furniture sets.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Exploring the Depths of Japanese Food Norms

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The secret behind the flawless skin and shiny tresses of the Japanese lies with the simple looking complex cuisines that are now adopted by chefs from different corners of the world. Japanese cuisines are accepted worldwide as delicacies pampering taste-buds of the gourmand. These delicacies are admired for their healthiness, simplicity and visual appearance. 

Japanese Food Serving Style 

Usually Japanese banquets comprise several small portions; a greater variety will indicate extravagant hospitality. So, if you are interested in splurging on Japanese food and the banqueting facilities then check out on the extravagant provisions available in this island country.  Such elaborate banqueting facilities and Japanese customs for serving varied cuisines in different dishes reflect on increasing emphasis of the Japanese to present food in an artistic and detailed way.

A lot of gourmands tasting the Japanese flavors have so far found that meals here are carefully arranged for deliciousness, texture and colour. Japanese meals are usually light cooked so that people can make the most out of the natural taste and healthiness of food. People in Japan are quite aware of the functionality of cutlery objects; they seem to be well aware of their significance. Additionally natives here are also familiar with seasonal appropriateness of dishes. 

Japanese Food

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Japanese food reflects on a healthier lifestyle, people here follow. They follow a diet that is less spicy and comprises all the goodness of natural ingredients. Such diets have evolved after rigorous studies and research were conducted to ascertain the best ways in preserving nutritional values of lightly cooked food.

Since centuries, Ryuku islanders have been following certain principles pertaining to consumption of food. Take a look at the following principles to know more about the Japanese food: 

Kuten gwa: The term kuten gwa is referred to in English as “little portions”. Thus, this principle emphasises people in consuming small portions of nutrient rich food that are also low on calories and high on anti-oxidant content. The food list include, soy, sprouts, soups that are broth based, sweet potatoes, noodles, lean protein, fish, yoghurt, grains and beans. 

Hara hachi bu: The words refer to “eat until 80 percent full only”. A person should ideally stop after he feels that his stomach is 80% full. This helps the stomach to send an alarm to the stretch receptors that body has already consumed 80% of a meal. 

Nuchi gusui: This is an Okinawan proverb which means “food is machine”. A person should ideally eat everything, because food is known to bear a healing power; thus a Japanese native should also focus on the menu. 
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Cool Shopping Destinations in Japan!

People in Japan love shopping. If you are in Tokyo or any other metropolis, there are plenty of shopping options for you. Tokyo has some of the glittering and magnificent malls to buy designer clothes and souvenirs. But while shopping in these malls, you must be willing to cough up huge amount of money, as they are expensive and pricey.

If you are a fashion freak and shopaholic, street shops will offer some of the trendy and fashionable clothes. Other places to go shopping in Tokyo and other big cities are departmental stores. These are the one stop shops offering anything and everything to the consumers.

Let’s check out some of the coolest places for shopping in Japan:

KITTE: The JP tower has been recently given a new look and new name, KITTE. This seven storied building engrosses several high end shops offering trendy clothes and gift items. The Nakagawa Masashichi is popular shopping place for a wide range kitchen ware. Built with traditional value and skills, each and every product of this shop promises a higher pedigree of quality.

At the 5th floor, you can go to CLASKA gallery & shop “DO” and find some of the striking collection of printed tote bags. The indoor cloth brand of Gelato Pique offers some of the remarkable clothes with outstanding design and soft fabric.

Then there is Double Standard Clothing boasting of a large variety in its spring collection. The casual, well tailored trousers and other clothes are highlight of this shop.

Gift shops in Tokyo: If you want to buy exceptionally beautiful gift items for Christmas or any other occasion, Shibuya Loft is the place to go in Tokyo. The products are primarily from Japan, Europe and USA and you will love the finishing and other virtues of each and every gift item.

It sells some of the most beautiful designs of Rabito’s iPhone cases. Coga’s wooden alarm clock is another gift item to buy from this shop. You can present nanoblock to the kids on special occasions and it can also be used for decoration of your living room. The Loft also sells a wide range of perfumes and deodorants. Honore des Pres smells exquisitely with organic ingredients.

Okinawa: If you go to Okinawa, Ishigaki Island is the place to go for garment and souvenir shopping. Most of the shops on this island are spread chiefly in the vicinity of Euglena Mall. The boutiques and shops in this neighbourhood are popular for selling discerning range of products and gift items.

Shopping places are not only located in and around Tokyo and Okinawa but whole of the Japan. You can find a vast range of products in the budget from these shopping places.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Try the Local Flavours the Next Time you go to Japan

If you are a globe trotter or love travelling, then one country you must visit is Japan. Japan is a lovely blend of the east and the west. Although the country is rich in heritage and culture and its people are well rooted in its traditions, the country has raced ahead with Western influences. However, if you go to visit Japan make sure you try out the local cuisine. Japanese food is tasty and extremely flavourful.

You can try out rice delicacies like Donburi which is basically cooked rice with a topping. This dish is found mostly in specialty restaurants. The toppings include katsudon, gyudon (stewed beef), kaisendon (raw seafood), oyakodon (egg and chicken), tendon, tekkadon, etc.

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Another rice delicacy is Onigiri or rice balls. This scrumptious dish is made of cooked rice and is covered in nori seaweed. They are lightly salted and contain a filling of umeboshi (a Japanese pickled plum), okaka (konbu and shavings of dried bonito) or even salmon. Rice balls are available even at convenience stores and are a very popular snack in Japan.

Japanese food is incomplete without seafood. One of the most popular Japanese seafood dishes is Sashimi. Sashimi is basically raw seafood. Many types of seafood and fish can be eaten raw if they are prepared properly. Sashimi is eaten mostly with wasabi and soy sauce.

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Japanese cuisine without noodles is not complete. If you are in Japan you must try Soba. It is a type of noodle that is made of buckwheat flour and is typical of Japan. The noodles are as thick as spaghetti and can be served with different kinds of toppings, hot and cold.

You can also try the Japanese noodles called Udon and is made of wheat flour. Udon is actually thicker than Soba. It can be served hot or cold with toppings like tempura, fried tofu and mountain vegetables.

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Japanese cuisine also consists of tasty meat dishes like Yakitori. It is basically parts of a chicken seasoned with sauce or salt, skewered and grilled. Even the gizzard and skin is used in this dish. Another dish is Tonkatsu. This dish is basically deep fried pork cutlets. This dish is served with rice (katsudon) or can be topped with shredded cabbage. This dish is also served with the famous Katsukare (curry rice).

Lotus root or renkon is another very popular food cooked in Japan. The lotus root can sandwich some minced chicken which can then be coated with potato starch and fried in a well oiled pan. There are various other types of food native to Japan that are delicious and if you are a foodie who likes to travel, you must try out some of them.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Study the Land of the Rising Sun before Visiting

If you are a globetrotter then the beautiful country of Japan must be on the top of the list, of the ‘places you must visit’. Japan is an amalgamation of modernity and antiquity. It is well known for its picturesque landscapes, tradition, culture, heritage and art forms. However, there is more to Japan than the eye can see. If you have plans of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun anytime soon, make sure you read up on it properly so that you don’t have trouble adapting to its ways.

The main aspects of Japan that you must read up on are
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Interiors
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Shopping and
  • Places to visit

Fashion and Accessories

Japanese fashion is not just about their traditional attire, the Kimono. People of Japan are extremely fashion conscious and trends keep changing every season. In autumn you might see the men wear jackets and trousers that are well tailored and blocked hats. The women may also wear the same. The shoes men wear are stylish and resemble slippers. Cardigans are also in fashion during autumn. Sportswear is also very much in fashion. Accessories like scarves, bags and hats are popularly sported. Fur coats, trench coats and knitwear are also very popular in Japan.


If you want to know how the Japanese decorate the interiors of their home then you can read up on blogs. Some beautiful furniture can be found in various parts of the country. A shop called Furniture Truck in Osaka. The furniture is vintage and tasteful. The Tim Tam Stool, the wire zigzag stool, and various other furniture pieces are available in various shops in Japan. The furniture can be both modern and classic

Japanese Food

If you are in Japan you must try out the various sorts of food found in the country and not just Sushi. Bamboo shoot, shiro dashi (white stock) and wasabi are used very commonly in all the dishes. Another very popular Japanese food trend is Vegetable Tea. The various kinds include Jerusalem artichoke, onion, Asparagus tea and Burdock tea. Lotus root and tofu are also used commonly. So, keep experimenting with food while in Japan.


Japan is also a shopper’s paradise. The latest shopping mall has seven floors and is called Kitte. It is in Tokyo, and there is nothing you can’t find in this mall. From clothes to souvenirs to food, everything is available here. Everything from clocks toys and gadgets are available in shops all over Japan.

 Places to Visit

Apart from the grand shopping malls, the places to visit in Japan are, Yushima Tenjin (for the cherry blossom festival), Kanda Myoujin (a red painted shrine en route Ochanomizu), Yushima Seidou (it was built by the 5th Samurai shogun), museum of Yebisu beer in Ebisu, the hot springs in Niigata, and many more.


Japanese culture is really exquisite and you must read a blog about different aspects of Japan to really learn about their culture before you visit the country. New Year celebrations are a huge part of Japanese culture and all things lucky are done on this day. Even the food they eat is supposed to bring them luck. New underwear (Fundoshi) is worn and new towels are used. The banking system in Japan is also quite strange, only a few shops accept debit cards. Cash and credit card is the most common mode of payment.

It is always nice to know about the country and its ways before visiting it so that you can adjust well. Read up on Japan and its people before you visit.

Monday, 13 May 2013

An Insight on Japanese Lifestyle in Each Season

With the onset of spring season, Japan has become colourful and vibrant. Fresh out from the winter season, you can experience a sudden change in Japanese lifestyle during spring. Cherry blossom and plum festivals are major attractions of spring in Japan.

Lifestyle in Spring Season

While cherry blossom festival is celebrated for long, from bid March to April-end, plum festival comes and departs early. There are several places where you can experience beautiful budding of flowers during each of these festive seasons.

Yushima Tenjin shrine is the place to visit in the early spring. In the shrine’s garden, there are different-coloured plum trees and blossoms with exceptionally beautiful and striking plum flowers.

Around the spring season, Japanese students are gripped with examination fever. As this shrine is known for ‘God of learning’ so many students visit this place to seek blessings.

Another striking change can be seen in food habits. As soon as winter passes away, Japanese market is flooded with seasonal and exclusive fruits and vegetables of spring season. You will see many people having the dishes prepared from bamboo shoots, field mustard, Udo and other spring vegetables.

Japanese Lifestyle in Rainy Season

In the rainy season, existence of vibrant colours remains very much in place. Besides putting on different rainy day’s clothes, people come out from their homes with colourful umbrellas. The incessant rain throughout the season compels people to take extra precautions in living style as well as food habits.

Keeping their bodies perfumed all the time is common for Japanese people during the rainy season. Humidity and moisture in the environment cause stinking and foul smells from body, so they put on refreshing and cool perfumes on their bodies.

It’s quite common to get tired and exhausted during the rainy season. Japanese people follow strict diet and disciplined lifestyle to keep fit and fine throughout the season. Having fermented food is preferred over heavy diets.

Japan in Autumn Season

However, Japan looks quite mesmerising and attractive during autumn season. With all the new fashion trends, Japanese people don stylish and appealing clothes. Fashion and lifestyle remains the biggest attraction in the months of winter.

You can find several eye catchy collections available at the high end shops. Accessories are also a part of Japanese winter fashion trend.

So, you can see different Japanese life style in different season and each being equally appealing and striking. If you are in Japan during any month, you can experience unique and exceptional lifestyle.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wide Variety of Seasonal Recipes on your Platter in Japan

Japanese food can be described in these simple words: clean, pure, fresh and delicious! If you are in this country, you can have insanely fresh sushi to flavoured and textured pancakes. The Japanese dishes are all about balance of flavours and rightly added ingredients.

Sea foods are the exclusives of Japan but these people also like to prepare dishes from seasonal vegetables. In the months of spring, you have several choices available in the seasonal food category. You can either prepare a culinary dish or go to upscale restaurants in search of your favourite seasonal recipe.

Bamboo shoot recipes

With the onset of spring, whole Japan has started talking about bamboo shoot vegetable and recipes prepared from it. Bamboo shoots are one of the most consumed vegetables during spring months. They are easily available in the supermarkets all over the big cities.

You can enjoy delicious grilled spring bamboo shoot at a Japanese Izakaya restaurant named Ate. This place is thronged by most visitors, who come to taste the delicacy of this recipe. To keep the original flavour of bamboo shoot, this recipe is seasoned with soy sauce.

On the other hand; bamboo shoots with skin also made exceptionally tasty recipes. Most people prefer to have bamboo shoot omelette, skewed bamboo shoot with chicken dumplings and bamboo shoot rice in spring season.

A right and palatable bamboo shoot recipe can only be prepared by adding proper ingredients in appropriate amount. You should know when to stop while adding ingredients. Taste of Japanese foods is enhanced by adding ingredients.

Field mustard and Udo are the next popular spring vegetables. You can go to nearby supermarkets and fetch these seasonal vegetables to prepare different variety of dishes.

Recipes from Field mustard and Udo

You can prepare exceptionally scrumptious and nutritious salad with Udo. It is easily supplemented with Miso. Then there is field mustard that is used in preparing mouth-watering Peperoncino pasta. This recipe is also known as chilli and garlic pasta.

You need to have certain ingredients like spaghetti, olive oil, shrimp, garlic, chilli, field mustard and seasoning to prepare wonderful pasta recipe. If you are planning to cook the pasta in own kitchen, you will have to follow a simple preparation method that does not take more than 30 minutes before the finished product is available on your platter. However, you can have delicious Peperoncino pasta at Goemon restaurant.

Renkon recipe

Renkon or lotus roots also make wonderful recipe. You have the option to make Renkon sandwich with chicken mince. Just a few ingredients in your hand and simple preparation method prepare a tasty Renkon recipe. This is a late-winter recipe and goes down well with Miso soup.

Rainy season recipes

Rainy season in Japan can have ill-effects on your health. To fight infections and allergies, you can prefer to have seasonal Japanese food, which are commonly prepared from Miso, soy sauce and Natto. The fermented salty rice, Shio-Koji, is a new food trend in Japan. It helps in better digestion and tastes milder.

In a nutshell, Japan is a gourmet’s delight. If you love to eat experimental dishes, Japan is the place where your love meets its fate.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Let Japanese Culture Sweep you off your Feet

If you are a globetrotter and love visiting new places, then Japan should be on top of your list. The lovely country of Japan is rich in culture and heritage. Sometimes, The Land of the Rising Sun is also referred to as the epitome of traditional beauty. The country is a lovely blend of antiquity and modernity. On your trip to Japan, you will be able to experience the best of both worlds. In recent times, Japan has been influenced by the West but the people of Japan have not let go of their roots. Japanese culture is upheld beautifully and the country does not ape the West.

Japan is different in different seasons but the essence of the country is unchanging. If you happen to be in Japan during the New Year celebrations you can see how wonderfully the occasion is celebrated. This event is considered auspicious to the people of Japan and they make it a point not to do anything that will bring bad luck. They mostly celebrate this day doing things that will bring them luck. Even the food they prepare and eat is considered to harbour luck.

If you are in Japan during this time you will see that the people in Japan eat food like red snappers, prawns, black soya bean, etc. According to the Japanese these food items are supposed to be lucky. Another interesting point that can be noted about this day is that, the people of Japan believe that wearing new underwear and using a new towel will bring them luck in the New Year and they consider it as a bearer of good luck. You can check out a blog about Japanese culture to find out more about Japan during the New Year.

While in Japan you will hear of and see new and fun things that are native to the country. However, if you are a tourist, you might want to keep a few important points in mind. You must know that the banking system in Japan is different from the one in the UK. If you want to buy something from a shop in Japan using your UK debit card, make sure they accept it because most shops in Japan don’t accept UK debit cards. The best way to pay in Japan is by cash or by using credit cards. If you are not fond of rain, make sure you don’t visit Japan during the rainy season as it pours incessantly and you are likely to fall ill.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Autumn Welcomes Japan with Fashionable Clothing

Fall is out while summer is in. The freezing weather has left Japan and it is time for the balmy winds to set in, the green leaves to cover up the trees, the plum blossoms to bloom and people to rejoice the sun-kissed moments they have had missed during winter; but wait a minute!! There are enough things you need to know before drawing a conclusion to the entire “Japan in winter” aspect. First and most of all, it is about the autumn fashion donned by the Japanese; to be specific fall fashion statements in this island country doesn’t only reflect on warmer clothing; it is about how best a person can sport these fashionable attires in different textures, prints, cuts, designs and colours.

The clothing items are primarily crafted to excellence; Japan’s fall collection is about how a woman can look fresh and absolutely feminine with such beautiful attires on. Last autumn, we found mint designs doing pretty well, with strong prints, bold colours and of course comforting volumes. The fashionable clothing reflected mostly on wool coats in modest cuts, tweeds in variation like metallic silver, lilac blue and grey. The short fitted jackets worn over skirts in tulip cuts looked uber cool on women.

Last fall had also witnessed young girls sporting casual and chic styles; argyle cardigans paired with short pleated skirts and camel boots were a hot favourite of the season. There were also high school girls donning denim jackets, tiered culotte, leather boots, hand clutch bags and beautiful hand knit woolen stoles.

Generally autumn in Japan welcomes the darker neautral tones. The fashionista feels that accessories in interesting variations can play the magic for the average fashion-conscious Japanese lady. In order to be little more fashion conscious, beautiful young women in this Asiatic island country would generally wear frilly turtle neck, skinny belt with a lovely charm hung on it and some suet pumps. Knee length socks in neutral shades make the leggy lady look perfect. The unique Japanese fashion trends in autumn focused on winter wear that looked casual and stylish.

For a simpler and warmer look women were also found to sport leather skirts, with designer woolen cardigans, frilly collared shirts in sweet pink or orange and beautiful booties. Women were seen to sport chic dresses in bold earthly colours. The skirts, coats, jackets, socks and boots all reflected on the fact that Japanese women turn pretty style conscious to melt the snow with their hotness.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Japan: A Saga of Traditions and Urbanisation

Japan is a perfect blend of traditions and modernisation. If at one part of Japan, you find conservative and orthodox society, urban Japan is quite liberal and flaunts western mindset. On the global platform, Japan is considered economic and technology giant and attracts millions of tourists from around the world.

When it comes about living a fluent lifestyle, Japanese people are no less than any other in world. They have carved a niche for own on the global platform because of unique fashion sense and exceptional style statement.

If you talk of innovative way of living, Japanese can give others a run for their money. At times, they are extremely casual and all of sudden, you will find them awfully sophisticated. Japanese people can mould themselves according to the circumstances.

Japanese fashion trends is considered one of the most influential in present times. The unique concept and awful designs of clothes are enough to entice you.

Fascinating Japanese Fashion Trends

The most interesting aspect of Japanese fashion is its ever changing concepts. The same trend does not exist for long amongst Japanese people. Other than fashionable clothes, you have fascinating choices available in the accessories segment. Shoes, hats, bags, scarves and all are available in varied range of colours and designs.

Discipline and perfection is an integral part of Japanese life style. People are disciplined in wearing clothes and mannerism is at its best in the country. You will be greeted with happy faces wherever you go in Japan.

Japanese Dishes and Food Habit of People

While talking of food habit, Japanese people are very much disciplined in having healthy diet. It seems that obesity is non-existent in this country, thanks to good food habit and their lifestyle.

It’s a known fact that Japan is a haven for foodies. Whether you like to have sea foods or vegetarian dishes, Japan can offer anything and everything to suit your taste. Fishes are the most commonly have seafood in Japan.

In the spring season, you will find restaurants thronged by the people, who like to have taste of seasonal vegetables. Just coming out from winter, Japanese supermarkets are filled with green and leafy vegetables, fruits and sea foods.

Traditional Festivals are Celebrated Passionately

Traditional festivals are inseparable from day to day living in Japan, as Japanese people feel a sense of pride in celebrating these festivals. If New Year and Christmas Eve are awaited with much eagerness, cherry blossom and plum festivals are revelled with lots of enthusiasm.

It’s spring in Japan, although cherry blossom festival is near about at its end, yet you can have a beautiful experience of spring in Japan.