Saturday, 7 December 2013

Japanese Fashion Blogs: Filling you in on Latest Trends

People in Japan are extremely fashion conscious. People from all walks of life are never seen ‘under-dressed’. Whether it’s a teenager or an office goer, everyone walking the streets of Japan is dressed for the occasion. The people of Japan seem to have an innate sense of style. Japanese denizens follow current trends of the fashion capitals of the world including Paris, Milan and New York. The trends in Japan change every season. Here are a few of the fashion trends that are doing the rounds in Japan presently.


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If you go by pattern, then the houndstooth print is extremely ‘in’ this season. It can be incorporated in any piece of garment, be it the jacket, top or pants, the print adds a certain zing to the entire ensemble. It can be sported in casual wear, you can also wear the print while you’re going clubbing and a houndstooth printed jacket will look fabulous when paired with semi-formals.

Colours this Season

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One of the best colours in this season is definitely navy. This colour can be sported very well in winter this year as it has the seriousness winter requires yet adds a dash of brightness that will turn the dull season around. The usual colours black and grey can never really go out of style as they are winter staples. Other colours that are ruling the fashion scene this season are emerald green and red. These two colours are bold and add a sense of vibrancy to winter.

Tartan Print

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Another pattern that is very ‘in’ this season is the tartan print. The print that has its roots in Scotland is not just ruling the streets in Japan, but has the whole world at its mercy. From coats, to caps to jackets to bags to blouses, everything has been touched by this print.

Short Blouson

For all the tomboys and women who like sporting a boyish style, the short blouson is here to save the day. Though made of a light material, the blouson is perfect when it comes to layering in winter.

Big Silhouette Jackets

This fashion trend has not died and continues its run this season as well. These big and slightly mannish jackets are still very popular with the crowd. This too is very good for layering in winter.

Japanese fashion trends are hard to keep up with because they aren’t widespread but if you do want to keep track of the trends read a blog about Japanese fashion. These blogs are written by citizens of Japan or people from the ‘in circle’ of the fashion world, therefore, they will have authentic information.


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