Thursday, 24 October 2013

Get Trendy Japanese Apparels at High End Prada Store in Incredible Kobe

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A large number of people still look up to the old Japan because of the rich culture and heritage of this amazing country. Japanese people feel extremely proud of their culture and faith. In fact, Japan is perhaps the lone major country still maintaining its indigenous faith within one location.

There are many other interesting facets of Japan. In the modern times, one thing that is much talked about in Japan is the fashion trends. Yes, Japanese people are extremely fashion conscious and flaunt a rich and unique fashion sense. In fact, the global fashion is influenced a lot by the Japanese fashion trends.

Among the highly fashionable cities, Tokyo and Kyoto are the names that everybody knows of. Kobe is another city synonymous with high end fashion trends. There are several upscale and swanky brands in the posh city.

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Recently, the top brand Prada came up with its second store in the Kobe. The store was opened in the vibrant Kowa district that is famous for amazing fashion trends and quality products from different companies. So, it is good to see Prada escalating their charisma in this extremely attractive part of Japan.

Kobe is indeed very much popular tourist destinations and the expatriates in the city love the top-class lifestyle in this incredible city. The proximity to several tourist attractions like Kyoto, Himeji, Okayama and Osaka make Kobe an interesting place to visit. One can reach these places easily by shinkansen. Moreover, other tourist destinations within the Kansai region are Awaji Island, Nara and Wakayama (Shirahama, Wakayam Castle, Negoro-ji and Koyasan).

Prada has an enormous catchment area in the Kobe with around 1.5 million populations in this bustling city. However, if you take into account the Keihanshin area comprising of Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka, the prospective customer base expands to approximately 18 million people. The Keihanshin area is unsurprisingly seventh wealthiest zone in the world in terms of purchasing power and wealth. With trendy Japanese fashion clothing available at the store, the Prada store is going to be thronged by the people all the time.

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Fashion lovers in the Kobe and adjoining areas have gala time with the opening of another Prada store in their neighbourhood. If you are on a tour to Japan and staying nearby the Kobe or Keihanshin area, do not forget to visit the Prada store, where you can purchase high end Japanese apparels and accessories.


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