Monday, 2 December 2013

Gilt Helping Promote Ohne Titel

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People in Japan are extremely fashion conscious. You will seldom find a citizen not dressed in dapper clothes. The citizens of Japan, whether they are teenagers or office goers, are always dressed in their best and follow current fashion trends. They follow trends that are a rage in fashion capitals of the world like Paris, Milan and New York. However, the Japanese do not ape the west; they add a twist to the designs making them look a little different yet stylish.

Lately, the Japanese subsidiary of the Gilt Group, played host to a preview of the spring collection 2014 of Ohne Titel on Thursday in Tokyo. Designers Alexa Adams and Flora Gill were invited to a private club to mix with the local fashion press. The club was on floor number 51 of the Roppongi Hills complex. This event was to start off one of the initiatives of Gilt Japan.

The Gilt Japan Initiative

The web based retailers will soon open, for three days, a pop-up store in a stylish Montauk cafe which is located in Omotesando Avenue. This pop-up store will showcase a variety of international brands. Shoppers can go through the clothes in the shop and if they want to buy any, they can simply purchase it on the Japanese site of Gilt. Styles are mostly likely to sell out and therefore new collections will be showcased each day. Only the brand Ohne Titel will be on exhibit on all three days. Ohne Titel will most certainly get a lot of exposure in the Japanese market through this pop-up store as the distribution in Japan is still very low. The brand is only available in two of Tokyo’s departmental stores.

“Everything in the pop-up shop is curated international brands, so we really wanted to bring one of our favorite designers to really showcase not only their product but also just sort of be that American representative. [Gilt is] not only about one specific brand, it's about the mix of the different brands, but we really wanted to showcase their spring collection. It hasn't really made its way into Japan much yet, and I think it's so perfect for this market.”

- Joanna Dubin, chief executive and representative director of Gilt Japan


Adams and Gill truly hope that Japanese consumers will like the uniqueness and versatility of the brand. This initiative will bring the brand in to focus and make it readily available to the Japanese market.


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