Thursday, 6 June 2013

Japanese Lifestyle Reveals a lot about Japanese People

If you are a globe trotter and love travelling to various countries all over the world, then Japan must be on top of the list of places you must visit. Everyone knows Japan as the epitome of culture, tradition, history and heritage, however, even though the people of Japan are well rooted, Western culture has influenced their lifestyle in ways more than one.

Even with many western influences, the people of Japan are still very traditional, but that does not mean that they roam the streets wearing kimonos or holding Samurai swords. Before visiting the land of the rising sun, it is very important, to read up on the lifestyle of the people of Japan so that you have no difficulty fitting in when you visit the country.

In Japan, people still do not wear shoes inside the house. Outside the homes, there is a small vestibule in where you can remove and keep your shoes. Sometimes, in few Japanese households, you are allowed to wear house slippers but even these slippers have to be take off before you enter the tatami (straw mats) room. Nowadays,’ modern’ offices allow you to wear shoes inside; however, few traditional businesses still follow the rule of ‘no shoes inside the house’.

In Japan, people dine out a lot and therefore, the restaurants do good business at all times. There are good restaurants all over town that serve food native to Japan as well as world cuisine. Restaurant that serve Japanese or Chinese food, serve chopsticks. However, if you are not comfortable with chopsticks, you can ask for silverware.

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You must get accustomed to the Japanese lifestyle so that you do not feel out of place in Japan. Shopping is a huge part of the Japanese lifestyle. The towns and cities are filled with shopping malls, departmental stores and arcades. These shops sell everything from designer labels to electrical appliances. Japanese people are extremely fashion conscious and almost all the fashion labels of the world are available in Japan.

The Japanese are also very enthusiastic about food. One Japanese delicacy is the bamboo shoot and is prepared and served in various ways all over Japan. People of Japan are also extremely health conscious, therefore you will find juice bars all over the cities and towns that sell both vegetable and fruit juices. Language should not be a problem as most people can communicate in English. However, it is highly advisable to read up as much as you can about Japan on blogs to learn more about the country, before you visit.


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