Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kamaishi City Shows Signs of Post-tsunami Recovery Both Socially and Economically

After being devastated by the 2011 tsunami people in Japan have started showing signs of recovery even in a time when crucial job opportunities have temporarily fled from the island country. Ms Maekawa, who is in her sixties and is a resident of the Kamaishi city, a coastal town located in the Iwate prefecture, has set up her own bistro and says that her food joint is actually helping people come in terms with daily life after the massive tsunami loss had taken away countless lives without an alarm. Ms, Maekawa who has lost her daughter in the tsunami aftermath greets her customers whenever she is taking time off her busy schedule; some of them have even become her friends.


Today, a lot of people come to her eatery not just only for food; but to socialise, talk and make friendship with people. In fact such socializing help the people of Kamaishi city come over the trauma. Sometimes her customers even order for take-outs for loved ones. Two years have passed since the massive earthquake had struck high on the Japanese lifestyle and employment.

If you wish to enquire on how earthquakes affect Japanese life you will be surprised to know about the steadfast nature of the people living here. People living here reveal a determined attitude towards life. The calamity has not only cost lives but has also affected the overall employment in Japan. The mega disaster has affected around 841000 jobs. Since the aftermath, the Japanese Government has been giving efforts to restructure the employment scenario by urging private and public sectors to participate in projects designed employment progression.

The Technical Cooperation Project was first implemented during March, 2013; the project was set up and conducted by a group of experts; there were around seven professionals hailing from the Government’s “workers and employers’” organisations. The special team had paid a visit to the Kamaishi city to find out the level of recovery and how people have responded to such recovery measures. The main objective of conducting such thorough research was to collect and distribute the good practices of employment. Such research and data are deemed to form the basis of discussion at a conference that is expected to be held in 2014 in Japan.


The thorough study and analysis is helping the Government consider certain comprehensive mechanism for social protection; a lot of efforts have already been taken for extended employment and support to livelihood.


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